FAX to eMail

We offer a FAX to eMail service. FAXing the way it should be. We provide you with a unique number that anyone can fax to. When a fax is sent to your number we forward the fax to the e-mail address you specify. You get the ability to receive and send faxes without the need for a fax machine or a dedicated line. You can receive faxes anywhere you can receive email. We have several plans for faxing needs of all levels.

Fax to eMail Plans and Fees


  • FAX to e-mail 100 minutes (aprox 130 pages) $15.00 a Month
  • FAX to e-mail 200 minutes (aprox 265 pages) $30.00 a Month
  • FAX to e-mail 300 minutes (aprox 400 pages) $40.00 a Month
  • FAX to e-mail 500 minutes (aprox 665 pages) $50.00 a Month
  • Setup Fee $30.00 one time
  • Transfer Existing Telephone Number $20.00 one time


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