Wireless Installation Details

We mount a dish much like a satellite dish on your home or business and point it to one of our towers. The service is received and transmitted via wireless from the tower to the antenna on your roof/building. We must be able to see the tower from the location we install the dish. To maintain quality signal there cannot be any obstruction (tree’s, etc) between the dish and the tower. We run a cable from the antenna inside to your router. Of if you elect to have us hand the service off to you via wireless we run a cable from the antennas to an outdoor power receptacle instead.

We install all customers with quality signal strengths to allow uninterrupted service regardless of how bad the weather gets outside. Unlike satellite TV our service continues to function even if the dish gets packed with snow.

We take great pride in providing a clean and professional install. We will always discuss the location where we place the dish and we try our hardest to accommodate the customer’s preferences.

We can schedule a time to install service during the week or on the weekends.

Contact us for details.