Network Services

Are you concerned about security for your critical business or financial data? We can help! We specialize in a vast number of network services.

  • Need a fast and reliable wireless network?
  • Looking to connect two buildings, offices or homes via wireless?
  • Need remote access to your computer or files?
  • Need someone to maintain your server? Sit back, don't worry and let us manage and maintain your server for you and have one less thing to worry about.


We have Network Specialists that have expert experience or certifications in;


  • Managed Firewalls

We have a great Managed Firewall product. Gives you the peace of mind knowing your network is secured from hackers. Stateful Packet Inspection, Incoming and Outgoing rules, Web Filtering - Control and monitor what your employees are doing on the net, Web Anti-virus, Secure site to site VPN, Road Warrior VPN Access (access your network from anywhere securely), Intrusion Detection System, Quality Of Service (One user slowing the network down? Prioritize critical services and keep personal uses from interfering with essential services.)


  • VMWare or Virtualization

We specialize in VMWare environments, VMWare Workstation, Server, VSphere, View and have a great deal of experience in various virtual platforms.


  • Cisco Specialist
  • Mikrotik Specialist
  • Ubiquiti Specialist


Contact us for details.