5G WiGig (Gigabit) Residential Internet

We try our hardest to give each and every customer the level of service that we want. We monitor our network 24/7/365 and we receive real-time alerts if infrastructure goes down.

5G WiGig Residential


5G WiGig Tier-1
Up to 200Mb
$89.00 a Month
5G WiGig Tier-2
Up to 500Mb
$129.00 a Month
5G WiGig Tier-3
Up to 1Gb
$199.00 a Month


You may not qualify for all plans, what you qualify for depends on the signal strength from our tower to your location. Not all plans are available in all service areas. Typically you must be less than 1/2 mile from one of our towers that supports 5G.

Installation is free and requires a two year contract.

* NitroburstSM is a feature that allows you to burst for the initial period of your transfers. The duration and speed of the burst varies with the tier of your service. After the initial burst period has expired the transfer speed will drop to your normal program speed. Bursting gives the majority of tasks that initial super charge they need to get you where you want to be fast! Click the more info link under the plan for the specific rates and burst duration for that tier.

Contact us for details.